give and invest

You can help children attend school, books in hand. You can help a woman plant seeds for a garden to feed her family. You can help a young graduate receive a certificate of training in metal work. You can make a difference.

Child Sponsorship provides educational and developmental support for children.

Buy items that were handmade in Ethiopia, or tickets to upcoming events in our online store. Also online, find all the tools that you need to start your own fundraiser, with the help of your closest chapter.

Sustainable giving options, such as the Endowment and Investment Funds are options for more long term opportunities.

No matter how you choose to give, your contribution will make a lasting impact in the lives of families for generations.
General donations will be applied to the projects that need it the most, or go towards a specified volunteer’s expedition.

fill-it-up  – fill the needs of a child 

fill a desk ($60) 
fill a home ($150)
fill a future ($140)
fill a library ($40)
fill a backpack ($150)
fill a need ($110)
fill a school ($30)

You can enter any amount. >> Make a general donation

Sponsor a child enrolled in one of our programs, and watch them grow and succeed in school.

Strategic Sponsorship>> Become a sponsor for $75/month or $900/year
Strategic Sponsorship provides all of the support of Growth Sponsorship, plus contributes to long-term development by supporting the sustainable investment initiatives of Kids Hope Ethiopia and our partners.

Growth Sponsorship >> Become a sponsor for $50/month or $600/year
Growth Sponsorship provides all of the basic necessities of Development Sponsorship, plus additional support to our programs for materials, program expansion, and training opportunities for guardians.

Development Sponsorship >> Become a sponsor for $35/month or $420/year
Development Sponsorship provides the basic necessities for the child within the program including: educational fees, school uniform, tutoring, extra-curricular clubs and activities, and one hot meal per day.

To upgrade your existing child sponsorship, please call 1-403-527-2741
Fundraise on behalf of Kids Hope Ethiopia by hosting an event in your community, holding a potluck with friends and family, or contacting us to set-up a giving strategy for your birthday, wedding, anniversary or holiday celebrations. We are here to work with you to create a meaningful event in your community that will not only assist children and families in need, but encourage your local community to think and act globally!

Your initiative will bring people together and generate change for many people for years to come.

Check out our fundraising toolkit here, and contact us to start planning!

Fundraising and Event Toolkit.pdf (585 KB)
Consider a legacy or planned gift to Kids Hope Ethiopia. The benefits for Kids Hope Ethiopia and the families we support are great – there are also great tax benefits for you.

Consider making a donation to the Scholarship Fund, Endowment Fund, or Investment Fund.

Donate part of your assets: stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Transferring securities directly to Kids Hope Ethiopia allows you to make a larger gift while eliminating capital gains tax.

Make an interest free loan to Kids Hope Ethiopia for 3-10 years. We earn interest on your loan and then return the principle to you.

Include Kids Hope Ethiopia as a beneficiary in your will, pension, RRSP or other retirement funds, for a specific sum or a portion of your estate.

If you are interested in any of these options contact us and we will put you in touch with our Certified Financial Planners.
Visit our store to buy a ticket for an event, purchase an item handmade in Ethiopia, or  support those businesses that donate a portion of their proceeds to our organization.